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Yeti is owned by Cathy Large in Wisconsin. He is from the 2014 Points litter (Domino x Payton). Yeti runs 5k's with Cathy and is a pal to her senior dog who is a dalmation.


Brinnie from the 2016 "Sweet litter" (Domino x Payton) - owned by Michaela in Milwaukee Wisconsin - "I love my sweetheart so much. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is extremely affectionate and kid friendly. Pointer are so flexible -- they love exercise time as well as couch time. Perfect Pals!"


Mr Rhett Butler - Rhett is owned by Terry Gilbert and her husband Leo. Terry says, "Mr Rhett is the best dog I have ever owned". Mr. Rhett loves coursing, already earning his first title and is well on his way to earning two more!

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